Side Alert System with Speed Pulse Module Kit

The SA-US4 Side Alert System with Speed Pulse Module from EchoMaster helps reduce risk & minimise collisions and damage when the vehicle is manoeuvring at low speeds or stationary.

The SA-US4 Side Alert system from EchoMaster helps reduce risk and minimises both collisions and damage by alerting drivers of large vehicles to obstacles such as cyclists or pedestrians within the vehicle blind spots, whether stationary or manoeuvring at low speeds

The system consists of 4 daisy chained heavy duty sensors that can be flush mounted to the vehicle, or underslung when used with the metal brackets provided.


  • Dip switch settings for detection zone distance and warning adjustment

  • Visual and audible in cab warnings

  • Activation upon indicator

  • Concentrated warning zone when brake pedal is depressed

  • Audible and visual warning

  • Low profile, paintable sensors

  • Flush mount or underslung fitment

  • Daisy chained sensor heads

  • Wide detection angle with minimal blind area

  • Triangulation technology

  • OE sounding buzzer

  • E-Mark Certification


MULTIPLE Detection Zone Settings
Audible &amp: Visual warnings

Other products on the market only have two detection zone settings both of which give an audible warning regardless of distance.
Using the dipswitch settings, the EchoMaster SA-US4 can be amended to adjust the point at which both audible and visual warnings are activated.

Brake Input Trigger

Whilst stationary in traffic, when the brake pedal is depressed, the brake input trigger reduces the detection distance to 1m and provides a visual warning when vehicles or people are within the warning zone

Daisy Chained Sensor Heads

Running each sensor head cable to the module can be time consuming. The SA-US4 only requires ONE cable to be run to the module making installation quicker &amp: easier

PLUS - Speed Pulse Module - SPG-GPS-12

This product uses GPS technology to generate two road speed dependant outputs. The first output pulses at a frequency proportional to road speed. The second output changes state when a pre-set road speed is exceeded. The interface is easy to install and utilises a built-in antenna. It is suitable for 12v and 24v vehicle electrical systems.

Key Features

  • 100% UNIVERSAL - does not require any vehicle data making it compatible with all vehicles
  • Operates at both 12v & 24v
  • User Programmable Speeds between 1-30mph
  • Stand-by current 5mA


  • Side/Corner Scan
  • Front Parking Sensors
  • Driver Distraction module with Shut Off/Lock Out at set speeds
SA-US4-SC Spec Sheet
 Download (5.12M)
 Download (1.99M)